Archaeologists found a 17th century Polish vampire who had a sickled cross across her throat.

The sickle was placed on the neck so that if the person were to attempt to stand up, their head would be severed from their body.

Locked big toe bones attached to the skeleton's left foot may indicate the end of one stage, but they don't necessarily mean that the person cannot go back, said PoliƄski to Daily Mail

There are several different methods for protecting yourself from zombies including decapitating them, placing them facedown so they're biting into the earth, setting fire to them, and smashing their heads with rocks.

During the Middle Ages, people living in Eastern Europe were afraid of vampires and started performing anti-vampire rituals for their deceased relatives.

During the Middle Ages in Eastern Europe, people were afraid of vampires and performed anti-vampire rituals. A professor at the university where the remains were discovered was involved in the excavation. He found a man who had been buried with a hat and protruded front teeth.

She was buried in a casket covered by a silk shroud, which would have been an expensive and difficult thing to obtain in the 17th century. It strongly suggests that her medieval society well respected her.