How to Clean Washing Machine – [Complete Guide]

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Are you struggling to get rid of a washing machine? If you have observed that your new washing machine has a musty smell or you can’t get rid of stubborn stains then it is an indication that you should clean your washing machine quickly. 

How to Clean Machine with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Baking soda and vinegar are effective ways to clean the washing machine. You just need to add – 2 tablespoons of water with baking soda of 3 tablespoons and mix it to the detergent drawer. Tip 250 ml of white vinegar into the drum and run a cycle of the washing machine. These ingredients will work and break down any dust and residue, as well as remove any bad musty smell from the machine.

How to Clean Front Load Washing Machine

Front-load washers are the fancy style of washing machine but some people don’t know how to clean they and it develop worse odor than top – loaders. Some users may find difficulty with cleaning bad odors and mechanical issues due to improper use and cleaning. There are some steps to clean the front load machine:

  1. First, clear the drum, then remove the detergent dispenser and clean the tray and any attachments. Remove the items when they are cleaned.
  2. Now clean the gasket around the drum and glass door that faces inside the drum. Clean the surfaces with a solution of a three-quarters cup of chlorine bleach with one gallon of water. 
  3. If your front- loader has a cleaning cycle, run it now. Some washing machine manufacturers have clear instruction for using a particular solution but some machines are allowed to use bleach or distilled white vinegar. 
  4. When the cleaning cycle is completed and the machine is dry and then wipes the lid, opening, and door glass with a soft cloth or towel. Then leave it open half. 

How to Clean Washing Machine Drum/Tub

The cleaning of the machine is easy: just clean away any visible marks with a cloth. If there is any irritating smell inside the drum but you can’t see any dust or mold then it brings the nasty bacterial growth that is invisible. Pour a quart of vinegar with a baking soda in the drum and then use a nylon brush and vinegar to scrub the interior of the drum. Set the machine at the hottest temperature and run a cycle. It is important to clean the drum once a month.

How to Clean Top Loading Machine

  1. First, clean the outside of the washer to remove dust and the remaining part by using a microfiber cloth or you can sometimes use the water.
  2. To clean the drum use the best washing machine cleaner and spread it to the surface of the drum. Close the door and select a washer self–cleaning cycle or a normal hot water cycle.
  3. After the cleaning cycle gets complete, wipe down the drum as well as the inner part of the drum. Clean also detergent drawer with a microfiber cloth and remove any detergent residue, or you can use an old toothbrush for stubborn stain. 

How to Clean Washing Machine at Home

  1. Start with empty your drum and run a hot cycle and built-up detergent.
  2. Run a second hot wash with a washing machine cleaner and leave it for 30 seconds and leave for 30 minutes or an hour.
  3. Restart and finish the cycle and turn off and wipe the drum inside with a damp cloth and let it dry.

How to Clean Washing Machine at Home

  1. Soda crystal

To use soda crystal mix 500 gm. of pure crystal and run the machine on a hot cycle. These will rinse the stains and smell and leave a clean and fresh smell.

  1. Clean bleach

If the machine needs a deep and intensive clean then bleach to be the best solution. It would kill any bacteria so it’s a great way too sanitized and free of germs.

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