How to Clean Sofa at Home [in 15 Minutes]

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Sofa brings comfort to your living room but they required more tear and wear more than you think. From watching a movie or dinner with family, the sofa catches body oils, cooking odors,  and airborne dust and dirt. The sofa is the furniture in the home which is mostly used by everyone. There are some tricks like locked your living room until the guest is announced.  Another is using separate sofa cushions with removable cushion cover to allow easy sofa cleaning at home.  

Steps to Clean Sofa at Home:  

1. Remove any throws or cushions and peel back the sides to remove any loose change,  wrappers, etc.  

2. Once the sofa is completely clear, take the vacuum cleaner and hook the brush  attachment to the end which easily sucks any crumbs or dirt by using a gentle, sweeping  motion. For side cleaning of the sofa, use the crevice attachment and brush along the  edges and seams.  

3. Now take some baking soda for sofa washing or always try to clean it with some new method on a small portion for the test, so you can be confident with the result.  4. After your test is successful, sprinkle the baking soda over the whole sofa and leave it for 20 minutes for removing the bad smells.  

5. To completely clean your sofa fabric at home, mix the baking soda with a carpet cleaner,  instead of spread it all over. After 20 minutes, vacuum the dry baking soda or use a  waste cloth for removing the carpet cleaner mixture.  

How to Dry Clean Sofa at Home  

If your sofa has some specified rule for only dry clean, you must follow these instructions which  prevent damage to your sofa. The heat and steam are linked with sofa dry cleaning but it may  be dangerous for your sofa and the fabric. Try this sofa dry cleaning at home which prevents  your fabric or sofa from damaging.  

1. Spread some portion of baking soda on the sofa and leave it for 15 minutes where it  absorbs any bad odors.  

2. Then use the smooth brush with a cleaning attachment of your vacuum cleaner, after  clear the dirt as possible. If there are any stains on the fabric, clean it by using a white or  light-colored. 

3. Use a white cloth to wipe the sofa and then let it dry in a warm location. Let the sofa dry  completely before using it. Also, you can place few fans around the sofa to help in the  drying process.  

How to Clean Sofa Fabric at Home  

The fabric sofa is soft and cozy but it is a major nightmare when it comes to cleaning. But spills are bound to happen from time to time. But there are some fantastic fabrics sofas cleaner which cleans and shine your fabric.  

1. Take a teaspoon of washing liquid, white vinegar, baking soda, and hot water and mix it into lather.  

2. Then apply it n sofa fabric stains or slowly rub it then leave it for 0 minutes.  3. When it is cleaned wipe the surface with a clean cloth to lift any residue.  

 How to Clean Leather Sofa at Home  

 With water cleaning, it can spoil the leather texture which makes leather a kind of white elephant to maintain. Leather that has become dirty and maybe cleaned is mild soap and warm water. Do not soak the leather and don’t use liquid base detergent cleaners. Natural leather sofa cleaners with beeswax are recommended over petroleum-based products.  

 How to Shampoo a Sofa  

 If you are looking for a deeper clean, consider a sofa shampooing cleaner for your sofa.  Follow these steps to clean a sofa with shampoo:  

1. Vacuum the sofa with your brush and all sides of the cushion for removing dirt.  2. Fill the selected cleaning machine with water and cleaner or detergent that works best  for your fabric type.  

3. Start cleaning the sofa and make sure to pull the brush back in an even and straight  direction.

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