How To Clean Microwave: With AND Without Vinegar

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A modern-day home is not a home without a microwave, the comfort of this small gadget is astonishing. Most busy people are using it daily; after all, it is great for heating the food without the hassle of firing the gas.  But do you remember when the last time you clean your microwave oven? Cleaning the microwave is one of the hectic tasks because it needs some effort to clean. 

Steps to Clean Microwave

  1. Take a cup of vinegar in a glass microwaveable bowl and microwave it at a high temperature until it’s highly boiling and cover it with the walls of the microwave in vinegar condensation. These take about 5 minutes and let’s sit for 3 minutes.
  2. Carefully remove the bowl of vinegar with a paper towel or with a cloth and wipe the surfaces.
  3. Remove the rotating plate and roller and clean these separately with hot soapy water. Then rub the side and roof of the microwave with a cloth or use a sponge to remove stubborn stains. 
  4. Now clean the outside area of the microwave with a damp cloth and put again the roller rotating plate and enjoy a sparkling microwave. 

How to Clean Microwave from Inside

The mixture of splatters and bad smells can leave your microwave rough from inside. So inside cleaning may be a tedious task but is necessary because sometimes from the bad smell it changes the tasty food.

  1.  Take one cup of warm water and mix it with lemon, lime, or orange slices in a microwave bowl. If you have white vinegar adds a few drops into it.
  2. Place the bowl into the microwave and set the temperature on high power for a few minutes until the mixture boils and the window steam up.
  3. After that cool it for 5 minutes before opening the door, and then remove the bowl and wipe it inside its soft cloth or sponge.  

Methods to Clean Your Microwave

There are various methods to clean a microwave without using harsh chemicals. Harsh chemical cleaners can leave a residue that can affect the taste of your food.

  1. Wet paper towels

It is the fastest method for cleaning your oven, to place a handful of soaking wet paper towels inside and set it on high power for 5 minutes. That will create steam which helps to loosen waste from inside of your microwave. From it, you can easily wipe the interior area. 

  1. Baking Soda

To remove the cooked stains from the floor or rotating plate of your microwave. Make a paste by mixing baking soda with water and apply it to the hardened mess and leave it for 5 minutes. Clean it with a wet sponge or cloth and remove any waste with a paper towel.

  1. Vinegar and Baking Soda

For a more difficult and tough stain, vinegar and baking soda can be extremely effective microwave cleaners. By adding two tablespoons of baking soda with two cups of warm water. Dip a sponge into the mixture and wipe it over the whole inside of the microwave. 

Add equal parts of warm water with vinegar to a microwave bowl and place it in the microwave for 3 minutes. After a timeout, leave the bowl in the microwave and kept the door closed for 10 minutes. It will steam inside and baking soda and vinegar to get their work. After 10 minutes, wipe out the microwave from inside. 

How to Clean Microwave with Lemon

With little lemon juice, you can easily clean your microwave too. So start with cutting a lemon in two parts and placing it on both sides of a microwave-safe plate. Add a tablespoon of water to the plate before microwaving it and they do heat for about 1 minute. This will produce steam that will wipe down the microwave from inside and also leave a smelling fresh.

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