How to Clean a Clear Phone Case That Turned Yellow

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I’m not sure if you have ever seen a clean phone case, but I know there are some out there.

Transparent phone covers are a great way to protect your smartphone from scratches and dings.

They look cool and they make your phone look like it has been upgraded to the future.

But what happens when you want to clean them?

Do you just use a wet cloth, soapy water or do you need something more powerful?

Well, here is how to clean a transparent phone cover to remove stubborn stain and yellowness.

Why You Should Use a Transparent Phone Case

Transparent phone cases are the latest trend in smartphone accessories. They’re designed to look like your device is made of glass, and they protect it from scratches while adding an extra layer of style.

Transparent phone cases are one of the most popular accessories for smartphones. They’re easy to use, and they add a lot of style to your device.

Most important it protects your device. If you drop your phone on the ground, a transparent case will prevent any damage to the screen. It’s also easy to see what apps you have open at all times.

If you want to make sure that your iPhone or Android looks as good as new, then you should consider cleaning your transparent cases often with dry cloth to avoid yellowness and excess moisture.

Why Do Phone Cases Turn Yellow?

Clear cell phones cases are usually made from silicone—a cheap polymer that’s popular because it’s easy to work with, flexible and affordable.

Unfortunately, these materials tend to become yellow over time. As they do, they start to lose some of their elasticity, making them less comfortable to hold.

This natural process is accelerated when the case is exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight, chemicals, heat and even fingerprints. These factors cause the color change, but there’s no way to stop it.

In fact, manufacturers encourage the discoloration because it makes the product look older and more worn.

The good news is that you don’t have to throw away your old clear cases because it has some tough stains. You can keep them around and use them as decorative accents with some easy cleaning methods.

Just make sure to store them in dark places where they won’t be exposed to intense light, UV radiation, heat or chemicals.

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4 Tips on How To Clean a Clear Phone Case That’s Turned Yellow

I’ve been using the same case for my iPhone 6S Plus since I got it in September of 2015. It was a clear case with a black background and white Apple logo, but after about two years of use, the plastic started to turn yellow.

The color is not uniform throughout the phone case; some areas are more discolored than others.

Clear cases aren’t always easy to keep looking like new. If you’ve got a clear case that’s turned yellow, there are some things you can do to help it look better again.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you’re getting rid of dirt and yellow tint. You don’t necessarily need to use a special cleaner; just use regular dish washing liquid, mild dish soap or mild hand soap.

For best results, mix up a small amount of dishwashing liquid with hot water and rub it into your case in circular motions with a damp cloth or clean microfiber cloth. You may also use a paper towel if you don’t find dry microfiber cloths.

Let it sit for a couple minutes, and then rinse it off thoroughly with cold clean water. This will loosen up any grime stuck in the corners and crevices of your case.

If you still see stains, you might need to strip down your case. There are many different methods for doing this, but we’ll go over the most common ones here.

Method One – Using Vinegar

To start, pour a little white vinegar onto a cotton ball or cloth. Then wipe the inside of your case with the wet cotton ball or clean cloth.

Repeat this process several times, making sure to let the white vinegar soak into every nook and cranny.

Afterward, wash out the case with warm water and repeat the whole process. After washing rub it with microfiber cloths and let it dry.

Method Two – Scrub with Baking Soda

Place a handful of soda crystals into a bowl. Pour boiling water over the crystals and stir gently. Wait about five minutes for the baking soda to dissolve completely.

Once dissolved, add the soda to a spray bottle filled with tap water. Spray the inside of your case and allow it to air dry.

This phone case cleaning hack is great for those times you don’t want to go out and buy special phone case cleaner. If you are looking for something simple and effective, try this method. This technique works best for small spots like smudges and fingerprints.

To use this phone case cleaning trick, start by sprinkling some baking soda onto the stained area. Next, use a wet toothbrush to scrub away the baking soda. Finally, rinse the baking soda off with warm water. Use a soft cloth to dry the phone case.

Method Three – Using Alcohol

Mix one part rubbing isopropyl alcohol with three parts water. Use a cotton ball or soft cloth to apply the mixture to the inside of your case. Allow the solution to sit for at least 30 seconds before rinsing it off with warm water.

Method Four – Disinfect with Rubbing Alcohol

Disinfecting your phone is one of those things you just don’t think about doing. You know you should do it, but you never seem to find the time. Well, here are three reasons why disinfecting your phone is actually a great idea.

Phone Bacteria

Phone cases aren’t designed to protect against germs. They are simply meant to keep dirt out of your device. When you pick up your phone, you touch surfaces like buttons, screens, and charging ports.

These places are often covered with germs. If you don’t wipe down your phone regularly, those germs could end up inside your device. This can lead to infections and diseases.

Yellowing Cases

The main reason people buy smartphone cases is because they want to protect their devices from scratches, dings, and bumps. Unfortunately, most cases come pre-stained.

Over time, these stains darken and turn into unsightly yellowish patches. A quick rubdown with rubbing alcohol removes the stain and keeps your phone looking like brand new.

Preventing Case Yellowing

While cleaning your phone isn’t necessarily a cure for case yellowing, it does help to slow down the process. Using rubbing alcohol helps to cut off oxygen to the surface of your phone case. As a result, the color won’t oxidize as quickly.

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Maybe It’s Time to Get a New Phone Case

We’ve been seeing a lot of people on social media asking about what happens to old iPhone cases after they start turning yellow.

We thought it would be helpful to explain why this happens and give some tips on cleaning up those old mobile cases.

The reason why the color changes is because there are minerals inside the plastic that react with the elements found in our skin. This causes the plastic to darken over time.

If you want to keep the look of your old case, you can try washing it with soap and water, but this won’t really work. You’ll just end up with a dirty looking phone case.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should throw away your old phone case, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

  1. Your old case probably still protects your device well enough.
  2. There could be sentimental value associated with it.
  3. Some phones come with custom designs that aren’t easily replicated.
  4. A replacement isn’t always easy to find.

Using the above method to clean a clear phone case, you can save money on phone covers. However, you are always free to buy a new transparent phone case.

Let me know your thoughts about this phone cover cleaning tutorial in the comment section.

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