How to Clean Air Fryer Easily

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How often should I clean my air fryer? How much time does it take to properly clean the inside of my air fryer?

Air fryers are great at cooking food really fast. They also allow you to cook foods without having to worry about burning them. There are two types of air fryers – convection and induction. Convection air fryers heat their food using hot air circulating around the food, whereas induction air fryers use high frequency vibrations to create the same effect.

You don’t want to leave your air fryer unattended because it might get dirty over time. Air fryers are very useful kitchen tools, but they require proper cleaning to ensure safety.

This article will teach you how to clean your air fryer effectively.

What Not to Do When Cleaning an Air Fryer

Some people think that cleaning an air fryer is a difficult task, but in reality, it is not too bad. However, there are some things that you shouldn’t do when cleaning an air fryer.

Don’t Use Bleach

Bleach is usually used as a disinfectant for surfaces like countertops, dishes or sinks. But bleach can be extremely dangerous when used on an air fryer. It could damage the surface of the air fryer and cause the heating element to malfunction.

Use Vinegar Instead

Vinegar is another common household cleaner. You may have seen vinegar being used to remove stains from fabrics. The best thing about vinegar is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. As such, it won’t harm your air fryer.

Wash Your Air Fryer with Soap

Soap isn’t actually meant to clean anything. In fact, soap is made up of surfactants and fatty acids. These ingredients help break down grease and dirt on surfaces.

But this would mean that soap could end up damaging the surface of your air fryer. If you want to wash your air fryer with soap, make sure you first rinse it off thoroughly.

Use Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwasher detergents aren’t the best option for washing your air fryer. They contain additives that could damage the heating elements. Also, dishwasher detergents tend to be alkaline-based. Alkaline substances can corrode metal objects.

Soak Your Air Fryer in Water

If you want to soak your air fryer in water, make sure you put it in a bowl filled with warm water. Make sure you let the air fryer sit for several hours before taking it out. You can then start rinsing it off with cold water.

Use Dry Cloth Towels

Using dry cloth towels is another way to clean your air fryers. Place a towel on top of your air fryer and place something heavy on top of it.

Then, slowly move the weight away until the entire area underneath the air fryer has been covered by the towel. Repeat this process until all the areas inside the air fryer are cleaned.

Take Care of Your Air Fryer After Each Use

After each use, you need to check if the air fryer needs to be washed again. If so, follow the instructions above. Otherwise, just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Air fryers are one of the most popular kitchen appliances nowadays. They are great at cooking food quickly and easily. They also allow you cook food without worrying about burning it.

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How Often You Should Clean an Air Fryer

It depends on how often you use your air fryer. Usually, you should clean your air fryer after every use. However, if you use it regularly, you may want to consider cleaning it more frequently.

You can always ask your manufacturer for cleaning guidelines. This will ensure that your air fryer stays in good condition throughout its lifetime.

How to Clean an Air Fryer from Start to Finish

The following steps show you how to clean an air fryer from start to finish:

  1. Remove the basket and the lid.
  2. Fill the sink with hot water.
  3. Pour some dishwasher detergent into the sink.
  4. Rinse the air fryer under running water.
  5. Drain the water completely.
  6. Add enough baking soda to cover the bottom of the air fryer.
  7. Mix well.
  8. Let stand overnight.
  9. Rinse with clear water.
  10. Empty the baking soda mixture.
  11. Wipe the air fryer with a soft cloth or sponge.
  12. Rinse with clear tap water.
  13. Wash the air fryer with mild dishwashing liquid.
  14. Rinse again with clear tap water.

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