How Important Is A Face Verification Solution In Verifying Identities In Medical Sector

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No doubt the trend of digitization has increased the business scale for merchants. Vendors, where they are getting benefitted from digital services, are also prone to identity theft that minimizes their integrity. Considering the situation, compliance professionals have designed special verification protocols such as face verification solutions to authenticate users’ identities in real-time. 

Medical Sector – Susceptible to online theft 

It is the requirement of almost all industries to have an authentic verification protocol to perform their work operations in an effective way. Healthcare still has a long way to go before they follow the face verification solution to counter the exponential rise in identity fraud.

The medical information of patients can be more valuable than the data present in credit cards. Because the latter one can be used just for on time while the former one can be deployed many times and on many places. Dark webs welcome medical information more than any other piece of data. 

Introducing Know your patient (KYP)

KYP (know your patient) is the service deployed in healthcare security and privacy to verify the identity of customers. The medical industry is complicated and huge as it deals with the sensitive credentials of the patients. Therefore, it is important for responsible bodies to carefully verify the identity of patients by employing face verification solution to follow the regulations such as the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPPA). HIPPA was designed to minimize identity theft by complying with your patient’s needs. 

KYP includes compliance protocols like customer identity verification and performing customer due diligence. The medical industry is susceptible to experiencing identity theft because of the nature of its work. For example, a patient with one disease may need the services of nurses, paramedical staff, laboratories, pharmacies and doctors, and hospitals.

The information of patients is personal and sensitive, therefore, it must be kept under security. Keeping the correct history with the right identity is important to facilitate patients with efficient health treatment. 

Effects of Data Breaches on Hospitals 

Data security in the medical industry is easily neglected regardless of its importance. Many hospitals still have paper-based documents to store patients’ sensitive information. They also lack modern equipment to serve patients in an efficient way. 

Any carelessness in saving the patients’ information can cost medical staff, doctors, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, and hospitals to suffer a lot. Patients also have to experience a lot of problems if their data is stolen. Sharing medical data without the consequence of patients can significantly have an adverse effect on patients. 

Face Verification Solution – Significance In Medical Sector

Facial recognition is getting important in the medical sector in trying to protect patients’ information and preventing perpetrators from deploying it. 

A lot of countries use face verification solutions because of the easiness of its procedures and genuine result-driven effects. Any other identification protocol can be deployed by fraudsters however, face verification measures can not be employed nor be devastated by any sources. 

Regardless of its many benefits, the face verification solution still has concerns in its name. This is the age of mobile phones. Smartphones have inbuilt cameras or safety surveillance cameras. Who does not know how to use the cameras. Compliance professionals have benefitted from this feature and are now using face recognition regulations for verifying the identity of customers. 

The facility of cameras has made compliance bodies instill cameras everywhere. Most countries have instilled cameras in a lot of public places. Because of this, the citizens regardless of their consent are being recorded in these places. This thing has raised many concerns for face verification solutions. 

Key Role of face verification in Preventing Medical identity fraud

Face verification solution identifies the patients based on the novel facial characteristics of patients. The service is done digitally which helps the patients to get themselves verified from the comfort of their homes.

The key factor for employing face verification solutions in the medical industry is the sensitive information of patients that if being misused can result in critical consequences. 


The medical sector is susceptible to identity theft and needs efficient ways to minimize these scams. Face verification solution adhering to know your patient compliance is important in saving the sensitive credentials of patients and consequently puts a stop to perpetrators manipulating the patients’ data. 

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