How does Vinegar and Baking Soda Remove Carpet Stains?

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The beauty of life is well defined by the clean atmosphere of the house. This clean, purified ambiance gets by strenuous work and effort. Does your physical strength determine how much energy and physical effort you can put into any work? A healthy person has many attributes that help in achieving the goals of life.

Better sleep and sound health takes you to next level of success. With a strong mind, good health, and will power, nothing is impossible to get. Whether it is a big house, a dream car, or a flourished business. These are easy to get with extra struggle, time, and good tactics. Not always the effort brings everything, it needs planning, strategies, and good execution.

The house chores and its decoration is everyone’s favourite act. During whole life, you put things inside the house to beautify its interior. The carpets are also one such example. The carpet cleaning thus has prime importance in house maintenance activities.

How carpets get stains on the surface?

The carpets consistently encounter many types of factors that contribute to dirtiness and untidiness. Some important factors are as follows:

  • Footsteps
  • Shoes
  • Open windows
  • Dust from exhausts
  • Doors of house
  • Pets dander that falls on the rug
  • Kids playing over the carpets
  • The dirty toys

These factors together contribute to making a carpet highly dirty. These soil particles go deep down in the fur of rugs and become a source of catching microbes. These microorganisms with time start settling and residing in the interior of carpets. They cause many illnesses and allergic reactions in the body. Therefore, it becomes vital to remove them for health safety.

Some other reasons make carpets unappealing. They are stains that leave their impression because of our negligence. The staining is appeared on the surface of carpets due to the reasons described below:

  • Eating snacks on carpets
  • Spilling of soda drinks
  • Coffee or tea stains
  • Curry stains
  • Kids eating noodles and they spill it
  • Pet pee stains
  • Water or milk splash

These reasons increase the stain on carpets. They need instant cleaning otherwise these stains may become permanent. The carelessness around keeping up the house items, result in many difficulties. The carpets are not easy to buy now and then. They are expensive and snatches a lot of budgets. It is better to take care of them than go for a new one.

Ways to clean the carpets at home

Home cleaning hacks are famous because of their eye-catching results. There are a lot of ways to support your carpets at home. Some of the important points are given under:


Vinegar is found in the cupboard of every kitchen. It is normally used for souring food products. It contains acidic properties that are quite useful for other purposes too. Like, it can be used for cleaning the house carpets. It is also known as acetic acid. It is regarded as an excellent stain remover.

Just add some washing detergent in it and some water. Make a solution and spray. Leave it for 20 minutes. Later, clean with some wet squib. It effectively erases almost all types of stains. Its results are almost equivalent to the carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne carried out by the experts.

Baking soda

This is also a magical item of every kitchen. It is used in baking items, frying items, etc. It contains sodium bicarbonate, which shows the property of effervescence. The baking soda when added with vinegar and water, has profound cleaning outcomes. The stingy stains are easily eradicated by using this method. It gives a refurbishing look to the dirty carpet. 


The juice of lemon also has acidic properties, which when mixed with baking soda and little water helps delete the stubborn stains and spots. It fades the appearance of the stain.

Dishwashing liquid

The dishwashing liquid is used in every kitchen for cleaning the utensils and crockery items. This liquid is used in proportion with vinegar and baking soda. When it is sprayed over the carpet and left for half an hour, it absorbs all types of stains turning the carpet into a new one.

Carpet cleaning liquor

The shops have different varieties of carpet cleaners which are good at removing stains. But check its content marked on the bottle before going to purchase. See if there is the use of any hazardous chemicals in it. Then, look for the one that has eco-friendly chemicals. The safety and health of citizens are really important. For that, it is necessary not to use any chemical-based product on your carpets. Safe usage and secure outcomes are the aims of everyone’s life.

Steam cleaning the carpets

The stained carpets are steam processed, which gives ultra-cleaning results by complete eradication of the sturdy stains. Otherwise, removal gets difficult and tiresome. The steam vacuum produces hot vapours of steam that are injected into the carpets.

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