13 Home Remedies to Get Pink and Soft Lips Fast

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Let’s face it – even the girls who don’t have dark lips search the ways to get pink lips naturally.

C’mon, gotta admit it — you LOVE pink lips.

Now, most online tips to get rid of dark lips overnight are useless and contains dangerous ingredients for lips. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make lips pink naturally.

Do you often find yourself asking, “how to get red lips naturally permanently?”

Well, then this post is only for you.

But first, let’s find out…

What is the reason behind lips becoming black?

Having pink lips is a dream of many girls like I and you. Obviously, how can we ignore such a crucial part of our body, after all, it is it is the most attractive one. Isn’t it?  

There can be many reasons of the chapped and dark lips here we have found some:

1. Dryness – It may cause cracking or chapping of your lips and these damages lastly put darkness on your lips.

2. Lifestyle and Habits – Your lifestyles can also leave a dark shade on your lips. Smoking, alcohol and other types of drugs can change the color of your lips.

3. Lip Cosmetics/Products – Cosmetics are made to make you beautiful but sometimes low and inexpensive lip products may cause the black lips.

4. Sun Exposure – Chronic sun exposure also could be the cause of discoloration on your lips.

5. Anemia – It is also causing the discoloration of the lips.

6. Caffeine and Hot Beverages – The excessive amount of hot tea or coffee can damage your lips color.

By now you know what causes the black lips. Now let’s see how you can get rid of black lips and make your lips pink naturally forever.

The tips I am going to share with you was the secrets of my Granny that she shared with me.

It worked for me very well hope you would find them useful too. 

The best part of these tips are:

Each of them won’t take more than 10 minutes to implement and all the remedies you need to make lips pink can find at home.

So here we go!

#Tip No. 1- Ghee and Butter will make your pink lips in just 15 days:

Yes, you read right.

This is one of the best home remedies you can apply to make your lips lighten.

All you have to do is just massage warm ghee or butter on your lips for 4 to 5 minutes before going to bed daily. 

Ghee helps to moisturize your lips and eventually make them naturally pink.

#Tip No. 2 – A mixture of coriander leaves and rose water to bring the beauty of your lips: 

Coriander leaves are enriched with many vitamins including vitamin E. 

Vitamin E is very useful for dryness and sunburn. 

So, just blend few coriander leaves and mix them with the rose water. Apply the mixture on your lips and wash it off after 5 minutes with lukewarm water.

You’ll see the amazing results after using this remedies for few weeks.

#Tip No. 3. Fresh cream and turmeric will make your dark lips pink again: 

However, it is just minutes remedy but highly effective to convert dark lips into pink lips.Furthermore, you can find them easily available in your kitchen. 

The fresh cream makes the lips softer, and turmeric lighten the color of dark lips. 

Here is how to use it:

Take a tablespoon of fresh cream from the milk in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric powder in it. 

Mix it well and apply it on your lips. 

Massage for 5 minutes before going to bed. You will start seeing the results within one week. 

It is also useful for those who have chapped lips that don’t heal.

#Tip No. 4 – Honey the natural moisturizer makes your lips live again: 

Honey is useful to hydrate the skin naturally. But, you can also use it in nourishing the lips as well. 

Simply apply a drop of honey on your lips massage wisely and leave it overnight. 

Wash them in the morning. Continue the process for few days regularly, and you will see the results soon.

Wasn’t that easy? I’ve documented some more for you!

#Tip No. 5 – Mustard Oil (Weird but effective one for chapped lips): 

I know it’s a strange one, but believe me, it works. 

Only apply a drop of mustard oil in your belly button if you have extremely chapped lips. 

I’ve tested this several times. I have a dry skin, and the situation goes worse in winters. 

So, I just keep a bottle of mustard oil in my bathroom and apply a drop of mustard oil every day after the bath, it aids my chapped lips.

#Tip No. 6 – Rose and milk add double beauty in your lips: 

I’m sure you have seen a lot of advertisements showing that their product contains the real rose petals to take care of your skin. 

Somehow they true, roses are very helpful for our skin. 

Take a half cup of milk and soak few rose petals in it overnight. 

In the morning, take the petals out and make a paste from them. Apply the paste on the lips leave it for 10 minutes and wash it with tap water.

Repeat this quick and easy home remedy to get soft and pink lips.

#Tip No. 7 – Rose Water enhance the beauty of your lips: 

As we know rose water is one of the essential ingredients of the beautiful face pack but they can be the best friend of your lips. 

Just apply it with the help of cotton at least 4 times a day to give proper nutrition to your dull and dark lips. 

By this home remedy, you will notice that your dark lips are turning into lighter ones within a week.

Use Homemade Scrub for your Lips.

Following are the few tips to make a healthy scrub for lips at home:

#Tip No. 8 – Make a Scrub for your lips: 

You can make a scrub for your lips to get rid of dead skin and dullness from your lips. 

Simply take one tablespoon of honey and add a half tablespoon of sugar into it.  

Honey will help in moisturizing your lips and sugar will remove dirt and dark skin from your lips. 

Just massage this scrub by using your finger for 2 minutes and wash it off by using the tap water.

Apply any lip balm after the scrub.

Repeat this process every week to get rid of the dark and chapped lips.

#Tip No. 9- Olive oil and sugar: 

Olive oil provides antioxidant protection and also contains Vitamin E. Both of them help in lightening the lips. 

It also works as a moisturizing agent for your lips. 

If you have olive oil available in your kitchen then you must try this one minute home remedy. 

Get a tablespoon of olive oil and add some sugar in it. 

Massage your lips by using this home made scrub for a minute and then wash it off with the tap water.

It will help in curing the chapped lips and reduce the pigmentation from your lips as well.

Since we all live in a polluted environment where it is very difficult to avoid dust, sun rays, and pollution. 

That is why we all must use the scrub at least once in a week to protect our lips from getting chapped and darkened.

#Tip No. 10 –  Orange Peel and Rose Water: 

Orange peel is a great antioxidant and enriched with Vitamin C. 

That’s why it works great if you want to get rid of dark spots on your lips.

Take some orange peels and put them in sunlight to get them dried. 

Once, the peels get dried properly grind them well and make powder.

Now, take the half tablespoon of the orange peel powder and mix it with the rose water and make a thick paste.

And your homemade scrub is ready for you to use.

Massage your lips with this scrub twice a week for two minutes to make your lips lighter and softer with this homemade scrub.

#Tip No. 11 – Coffee and Olive Oil: 

Give your lips antioxidants blast with the coffee and olive oil. 

Take a tablespoon of coffee powder and make a paste by adding olive oil to it. 

Apply the paste on your lips and massage gently.

It will take care of the dead skin and improve blood circulation.

Eventually, make your lips pinker and softer naturally.

#Tip No. 12 – Honey and Lemon: 

Honey and Lemon together are the best ingredients to lighten dark lips. 

Honey has moisturizing properties while lemon is useful for lightening the dark lips. 

Mix the honey and Lemon in equal proportion and apply the mixture on your lips. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and then wipe it off with the wet cotton ball.

Apply any lip balm to keep your lips moisturized.

Keep repeating the process for few weeks, it is a foolproof formula to get pink and soft lips fast.

#Tip No. 13 – Your Lip Balm and Toothbrush: 

Yes, you can call me crazy! But believe me, you can get pinker lips by using your favorite lip balm and tooth brush.


Apply a thick layer of your lip balm on your lips and leave it for 15 minutes. 

Within 15 minutes your lips with absorb the lip balm properly. 

Now, take you tooth brush and lightly massage your lips with it in a circular motion.

Wipe it off with a wet cotton or cloth.

It will help you to get rid of the dead skin and also help with pigmentation. 

Usually, pigmentation occurs due to the dead skin on the top most layer of your lips. 

By using the toothbrush it will remove the pigmented dead skin and your lips will look fresh and healthy.

Apply the lip moisturizer if you feel your lips dry.

Try this remedy once in two days.

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